About us

Sophie is a painter and photographer and Bénédicte takes care of the diffusion

Sophie has been a self-made artist for 30 years.

She is interested in all forms of artistic creation, drawings, paintings, photography…

Her paintings and pictures are inspired by tiny elements that she can find wandering here and there into the wild or in cities all over the world.

Over the years she realized that our closest environment could offer a wide range of different pieces of art work, it was laying there and we just had to look around and pay attention to all those details that would turn into natural paintings.


Bénédicte has been working over 30 years for live shows and for TV channels.

She loves concerts, plays, dance shows and enjoys taking care of those shows lightings for many years.

She loves revealing through lights. Her passion is light and how things can reveal themselves through it.

She is happy today to present and accompany a woman whose work she loves. She likes her creative vision in painting and photography, and she believes many others will also like the richness and fantasy that Sophie’s work spreads.

Here is a glimpse !!



All the pictures presented on this online gallery are fragments.

It is amazing and joyful to withdraw /(put aside) bits of textures, which become part of a puzzle which make sense by themselves. Isolated form the frame they belong to, they start telling their own stories everyone is free to interpret their own way.  

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